Hairstyle Ideas for All 4 Types of Children

Easy, true-to-Type hairstyles you both will love!

What’s the best hairstyle for your boy or girl?

One of the most common questions that comes up in our Child Whisperer Facebook group is, “What’s the best hairstyle for my child?”

My answer is, “It depends on their Energy Type!”

That’s why I created this 4-part video series to share the best hairstyles for your children based on their Energy Type. You’ll see pictures of boys and girls of each Type, with flattering hairstyles that match their true nature!

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Let’s take a look at each of the 4 Types and the hairstyle that best fits them:

Type 1: The Fun-Loving Child:

Type 1 children are described as upward, bright, and light. They are engaging and have a cheerful quality about them. For your Type 1 children, choose hairstyles that support their random and light energy.

Type 2: The Sensitive Child

Type 2 children are described as sensitive and gentle. They have a strong emotional connection with the world with a soft, fluid, and flowing movement. For your Type 2 children, choose hairstyles that are soft and blending.

Type 3: The Determined Child

Type 3 children are active and determined. Their energy moves them forward swiftly. They see challenges as an opportunity for them to step up. For your Type 3 children, choose hairstyles that are swift and edgy.

Type 4: The More Serious Child

Type 4 children are precise and serious. They have a more intellectual connection to the world and a more thought-out approach to life. They are very much thinking children. For your Type 4 children, choose hairstyles that are clean, defined, and tidy.

Your child is simply amazing—just the way they are!

Ready to dive in and learn more about what makes them tick?

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