How to Profile Babies, Children, and Teens

Which Type of child are you raising or caring for?


Every child is unique. The book The Child Whisperer shows you how to to customize your parenting to each child’s unique needs and personality. In other words, it shows you how to parent each child true to their nature.

Some children are animated and social, while others are more reserved and observant. Children move through the world in four general ways, called the 4 Energy Types. When you know which one your child expresses, parenting gets easier.

So, how do you determine your child’s Type?

One of the clearest ways to find out is to look at their face.

The 4 videos below show you multiple examples of each Type of child’s facial features. As you watch, you’ll start to recognize the overall movement and quality of each Type, so that you can use facial profiling to understand the children in your life.

Remember: your child is a unique combination of all 4 Types, but they lead with the expression of only one dominant Type that will stay consistent throughout their life.

Facial Profiling the Fun-loving Type 1 Child

Type 1 children have a naturally animated, upward movement. See how this shows up in their face as features that look cute, no matter their age.

Facial Profiling the Sensitive Type 2 Child

Type 2 children move through life with a subtle, connected quality of movement. See how their features are naturally softened and blended.

Facial Profiling the Determined Type 3 Child

Type 3 children express a powerful, push-forward quality of movement. Notice how their features have a more substantial, intense quality.

Facial Profiling the More Serious Type 4 Child

Type 4 children tend to be more independent, focused, and bold. See how their refined features express balance and stillness.

What did you notice? Do you recognize your child in these examples?

If you’re still not sure, make sure you watch all four videos together. Seeing the differences between features can be telling and helpful.

After you watch all four, set this intention: “My child is revealing their Type to me.”

Every day, your children move in a manner true to their nature, expressing their core intrinsic movement in their play, their walk and talk, and their physical characteristics. From sun up to sun down, your children give you giant clues about who they really are and the personalized parenting they need from you.

Above all, remember that all children (no matter their Type) have certain needs in common. All children are active and curious, with a desire to explore their world. Every child needs validation from their parents.

Most importantly, children need to be loved and accepted for who they are.

Meeting that need is the most important reason for determining your child’s Type.

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