How to Stop Sibling Rivalry Once and For All

4 steps you can take right now to reduce the conflict in your family

“Mom! He’s touching me!” “Dad! She started it!” Need to stop siblings from fighting with each other?

You can do something right now to stop the conflict and encourage cooperation. You can make kindness the status quo between your children. It might feel daunting, but all it takes is a few simple shifts.

Here are 4 steps you can take starting right now to shift the family dynamics and end sibling conflict for good:

Step #1. Consider and believe something different about your children.

We give children negative labels all the time. At two years old, kids are supposedly “terrible.” Teens are labeled “difficult” or “rebellious.”

But consider the possibility that your children are naturally kind!

They want harmony in their lives as much as you do.

When you truly believe your children are kind and cooperative, you treat them that way. They receive that message from you clearer than anything you say. Assume that they will work together with their siblings and they will often rise to your expectation.

Step # 2. Identify family patterns.

Just knowing that children are naturally kind doesn’t automatically solve conflict.

Your family might be running some patterns that interfere with your children’s efforts to resolve conflict. Once you figure out what’s getting in your kids’ way, easier, more supportive interactions naturally follow.

For example, children struggle to be kind to each other if they feel like they’re competing for Mom and Dad’s love and attention. Take the time to just be with your child. Listen without judgment or expectation. You may find sibling conflict resolve itself.

Step # 3. Honor your child’s true nature.

Kindness is a by-product of understanding someone. That’s why Energy Profiling can help resolve conflict between parents and children, and siblings and siblings.

Honor the needs of your child’s Energy Type! Let them operate in their own energetic space.

Children don’t fight to be heard when their needs are met. They feel safe when they know that their parents understand and honor them. They live their truth and honor their siblings to do the same. And when they do that, the conflict between them disappears.

Step #4. Pay attention to your intuition and trust it! Be your child’s Child Whisperer!

You will receive unexpected insight into your children’s needs by watching their sibling interactions, but only if you’re open to it.

Act on whatever personal inspiration you received while reading this blog post. Do it now—your children will be grateful that you did.

Ready to enjoy your children, instead of constantly breaking up fights between them?

My book, The Child Whisperer gives you the tools, information, and knowledge you need to empower you and your children so your whole family is happier and experiences more cooperation.

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