Parent Alert: The Biggest Discipline Mistake to Avoid

Discover the #1 most effective way to discipline your child

Does all the discipline advice out there seem impossible?

You’re supposed to do this. You’re not supposed to do that.

And here’s the kicker: when your child is acting up and you try the latest advice, it just doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. So what are you doing wrong?

The truth is, even if you’re following positive parenting advice and doing it “right,” you still may be missing something important!

The reason why most classic parenting approaches don’t work for a lot of children is that each child is unique. So a one-size-fits-all approach just creates frustration.

Are you ready to discover the missing piece to your parenting approach?

The biggest discipline mistake to avoid is disciplining a child contrary to their nature.

When we approach children contrary to their nature, they often react negatively. Adults then react to a child’s negative reaction with disciplinary tactics to try and get them to comply. They just go around and around in a cycle of frustration that doesn’t work.

This turns discipline into punishment.

But when you honor your child’s true nature, discipline looks completely different because it’s supportive to your children. They are more cooperative and responsive to discipline that honors them.

This turns discipline into what it was intended to be: to teach, to lead.

What do I mean by disciplining children true to their nature?

Each child is born into this world with a unique nature and level of energy.

In my work with children, I have discovered 4 Types of children who express similar tendencies in their body language, behavior, and personality:

  • The Fun-loving Type 1 Child: Naturally buoyant and random, these children have a gift for ideas.
  • The Sensitive Type 2 Child: Naturally subdued and connected, these children gather details and make plans.
  • The Determined Type 3 Child: Naturally swift and active, these children push things forward.
  • The More Serious Type 4 Child: Naturally logical and analytical, these children perfect the world around them.

Knowing your child’s Type will help you honor them and create a more mutually supportive relationship. You can learn more about the 4 Types of children here.

Here are effective ways you can discipline the 4 different Types of children:

If you need to discipline a child, do it in a way that honors their true nature…

  • Turn cooperation into a game for a Fun-loving Type 1 child.
  • Speak gently and reassure a Sensitive Type 2 child.
  • Give that Determined Type 3 child a motivating challenge.
  • Make discipline a private experience for a More Serious Type 4 child.

All 4 Types of children will respond well when their needs are met and voices heard.

Stop trying to sort through all the advice of what you should do and start doing what your child’s already telling you will work.

Want to learn more about the Type of child you’re raising?

My book, The Child Whisperer gives you the tools, information, and knowledge you need to empower you and your children so your whole family is happier and experiences more cooperation.

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