The 4 Ways You Feel Overwhelmed as a Parent—& How You Can Stop It

Find out how each type of child overwhelms their parents

Feeling overwhelmed by your child?

The activities, the emotions, the high energy, or the battle of wills! Even though it may feel impossible, you can change the pattern so you don’t feel that way anymore.

Let’s identify the kind of overwhelm you’re experiencing. The tips that follow will help you create an experience with your child that doesn’t overwhelm you anymore.

Which of these 4 kinds of overwhelm do you experience as a mother?

#1: Idea Overwhelm

If you’re raising a Fun-loving Type 1 Child, you know they have endless ideas. You’ll get overwhelmed if you feel responsible to make all their ideas happen.

These children don’t want to execute everything, so you don’t need to either.

  • You can say no without shutting down your child! The way you say no matters, not the actual word. Consider saying, in a positive way, “Great idea, we can do that (fill in the blank).”
  • Then point out all the other great ideas that you’re following through on right then or recently.

#2: Emotional Overhwelm

When you’re parenting a Sensitive Type 2 Child, you see a lot of emotion. You’ll get overwhelmed if you believe that you have to work through every emotion with them.

  • Empower your child to process their own emotions. The time you spend helping them identify emotions now cuts down on overwhelm later.
  • Give them the language they need to speak up before things become an emotional crisis: “I really need someone to hold me.” “I want some quiet time by myself.” “I’m feeling nervous because I don’t know what will happen.” “I need to ask some questions first.”

#3: Activity Overwhelm

Your Determined Type 3 Child just wants to go, go, go. You’ll get overwhelmed if you believe that you have to keep up, especially when you want a break.

  • You don’t have to keep up with all that energy, so stop feeling guilty when you can’t! Create spaces where your child is free to be physically active. Consider parks,  gyms, sports, classes, and neighborhood projects. Is there a space in your house for activity?
  • These children want some freedom to explore, so let them get out there!

#4: Authority Overwhelm

If you’re parenting a More Serious Type 4 Child true to their nature, you’re focused on respecting their personal authority. You can get overwhelmed if you believe that their authority means they get to tell you what to do, too.

  • Just because your child has a say in their own life doesn’t mean that they get to rule yours. Explain your own boundaries in a clear, direct way. Don’t express yourself in an overly emotional or exasperated tone—this Type of child just won’t connect with that.
  • Mutual respect is key with this child, and to receive it, you first have to respect yourself.

What’s the most important thing you can do when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, set the intention that you are willing to release that pattern.

Then recharge in a way that honors your true nature.

Accept some help with your children and take a break! Your children’s natural energy and tendencies won’t seem quite so overwhelming when you take care of yourself.

Ready to enjoy your children, instead of feeling overwhelmed by them?

My book, The Child Whisperer gives you the tools, information, and knowledge you need to empower you and your children so your whole family is happier and experiences more cooperation.

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